Fake Nature | Naturaleza Falsa.

Videodance Still | Speculative fiction. Work created together with Ana Monteiro, Sebastian Obando Orrego, Valentina Venegas Lippi and Afonso Simões.

Color video, with sound. 28'33 ''. 2016.

Video exposed in:

SODA Works Festival. Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin (HZT). Berlin Germany. 2017

FIAP FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL ART PERFORMANCE. L´Imperatrice Hotel. Fort-de-France, Martinique. 2017

©Marge Gómez


Naturaleza Falsa | Fake Nature dancevideo | experimental fiction, hybridizes moving image, moving bodies and sound as result of the residency “Posthuman practices or of the expanded body” which took place at NAVE in Santiago de Chile in 2016. This invitation into an immersive experience comes from an artistic research on post-humanism as cross-field between futurology, contemporary art, philosophy and science fiction. The post-human as speculative being who seeks to reconfigure relationships of the human in/with the world by equalizing agencies and affects between bodies, all kinds of bodies. This is an experimentation on the co-creation of composite bodies seeking to play around and question the constructions of nature, culture, reality, fiction, human, not human. We found a kind of retro-futurism as means to participate on the decolonization of imagination and in the openings of ways of being, thinking and felling otherwise within anthroposcene entanglements of late capitalist times.

©Marge Gómez
©Marge Gómez
©Marge Gómez

Authors Bios​

Director (camera, edition)

Margarita Gómez (1989) is a Chilean artist. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and between 2011 and 2012 she held an academic exchange at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. In 2019 she also received the degree of Master of Research and Photographic Creation at the Finis Terrae University, also in Chile.
Her research has been deeply influenced by her interest in interdisciplinary and dance: her works are constantly revolving around concepts that involve the control of the body, movement and time, which has led her to participate in various workshops and Interdisciplinary residences. Margarita’s work includes installations, site-specifics, photographs and video art, as well as music video clips.
Since 2009 her work has been exhibited in various occasions in Chile and abroad, both in art exhibitions and in audiovisual exhibitions.

Director (research, choreography)

Ana Monteiro is an undisciplined choreographer, performer and researcher born in Portugal. At the moment takes part in the doctorate in Art Studies by the Nova University of Lisbon (FCT fellowship), Her academic research concerns the “forms of life” located at the intersection aesthetic and political. From 2010-2014 he lived in Berlin where he did MA SODA (Solo, Dance, Authorship) Gulbenkian Foundation scholarship holder. As an interpreter and / or collaborator she has worked with: Tino Seghal (DE), Dragana Bulut (SB), Vera Mantero (PT), Irena Curik (CR), Henri Tauliaut (MT), Romeo Castelluci (IT) among others. Her artistic proposals consist of: performances, speculative practices, walks, remakes, writings, videos, seeking to challenge fixed notions of dance, choreography and performance. These activities are divided between Europe (France, Germany, Estonia, Italy, Portugal etc) and America (Mexico, Uruguay, USA, Santiago de Chile and Martinique).


Sebastián Obando. Performing artist of independent formation and student of Master in Sciences, mention Geophysical of the University of Chile. During her artistic career, she has participated in various courses and seminars of contemporary, modern, academic and dance butoh with national and international masters (Mabel Olea, Paulina Lathrop, Edymar Acevedo, Natalia Cuéllar, among others). In addition, he has participated in research residences in NAVE center, collaborating with the Portuguese artist Ana Monteiro in the “Posthuman Practices” and with Amanda Piña (“Dance and Resistance”). He is an interpreter of the Paper Company directed by Andrés Cárdenas and an interpreter and co-founder of the Fibra Teatro Company, exploring in the discipline of physical theater.

Valentina Venegas. Actress, Performers and director, titled DUOC UC theater school (2015) Santiago de Chile. Be specialized in different body areas such as; Butoh, Physical theater, performance. In 2014 he formed his first company “LA ROPA SUCIA”, which writes and stars in his first work “ANEL”, being selected for two festivals. On the other hand, she formed her first multidisciplinary performatic collective collective in 2015 with her performance “EFIMERO” She has participated in different companies as both actress and performance, (2015) Company PATOGALLINA, assembly “Neruda comes flown”, (2014 (2014) choreographer Linda Lehovec dance ensemble “GONE”, (2014) Pasacalle Butoh- performance, company the bastards.


Afonso Simões is member of the Portuguese band Gala Drop that mixes rock and electronic music of dance and African influences. Afonso is also the founder of Filho Único – Cultural Association dedicated to the presentation, dissemination and production in music.