Floral Concert

Floral Concert is an interdisciplinary project that unites biology, media arts and vocal music in one unique scenic performance of 60 minutes approximately.


The thematic axis of this program is the flower, approached as an object of artistic inspiration as for its symbolic and poetic character; and also from its biological dimension as an object of observation and search.

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The interdisciplinary nature of this proposal is expressed by merging in this presentation the research experience about a group of native flowers of the genus Malesherbia that has been carried out to the eaves of the National Museum of Natural History by Doctor in biology Kester Bull.

The staging includes original photographs and large-format videos of these flowers in their natural habitat, as well as during their microscopic development. This visual material has been treated and re-interpreted by the visual artist Margarita Gómez.


Musically, this staging presents works from the genre of the art song of various composers created in Spanish, French, German and English, which are performed by a quartet of singers and an accompanying pianist. The repertoire also includes original work of composer Rodrigo Herrera made especially for this format. The interpreters are made up of a selection of advanced students from the singing chair of the Alberto Hurtado University professor Gonzalo Simonetti.

The scenic proposal is led by Monika von Moldoványi, theatrical director of the University of Talca and seeks through various resources such as dance, free choreography, performance, etc., to balance musical expression and biological content, developing tension based on the act of search and discovery. The concept and dramaturgy of this scenic performance has been developed under the wing of Flores Laboratory, which provides the conceptual and graphic to be featured in this performance material.

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Four lyric singers (soprano, Mezzo-soprano, tenor, Bass), an accompanying pianist, a dance performer.


Kester Bull                                 Content Director

Monika von Moldovanyi          Scenic Direction

Gonzalo Simonetti                    Musical Direction

Margarita Gómez                      Visuals

Marcel Goyeneche M.              Graphic design

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